Meet our Supporters

The Symphony Orchestra and Board would like to thank all of our supporters for their continued help during our 2020 – 2021 and our current 2021 - 2022 seasons. We sincerely thank you for making it possible for us to perform outstanding music for our enthusiastic audiences. We could not do the  programming we do without your generous support! Donations for the 2021 - 2022 Season are noted by (21-22) following the donor’s name.

Individual Donations:

Adagio Level ($25 to $99)    

Shelly Coughlan
Chelsea Chambers
Suzanne Colbert
Chelsea Chambers
Jeff Chambers (21-22)
Suzanne Colbert
Jacqueline Elardo
Ted Feely
John Gerling (21-22)
Julia Glas
Harker School Sunshine Committee
Mary and Richard Hinnenkamp
Patty Lemon
Carol O’Hare
Silicon Valley Creates
Katherine Teraji
Mark Werner

Dolce Level ($100 to $249)

Peter and Elena Anderson
Suzanne Barrett
Barbara Bottini (21-22)
Christine Bradshaw
Tom Brozene (21-22)
Kristin Carlson
Mary and Thomas Conrad
Deborah Downs
Gennaro and Kathy Filice
Gennaro and Kathy Filice (21-22)
Marcia Fishman
Stan and Marilyn George
Audrey Gray
Mary Anne and Martin Groen
Kimberly Grundy
Kimberly Grundy (21-22)
Robin Horne
Jill Kirk
Jill Kirk (21-22)
Thomas Lewis
Life Media Group
Kimberly Lyle
Kimberly Lyle (21-22)
Joey Madrigal
Jean Manahan
Monica McClintock
Nancy and Ken McDonald
Nancy and Ken McDonald (21-22)
Diane and Kevin McGinty
Pat Meyer
Gail Miller
Christine Osborne (21-22)
Janet Paterson
Sue and David Piccardo
John Prichett
Patricia Robinson
James Rogers
Rosy’s at the Beach Restaurant
Martin Schlapfer
Atiya Smith
Gisela Steffe
Gisela Steffe (21-22)
Roxie and Marvin Thomas
John Weaver (21-22) 

Mezzoforte Level ($250 to $499)    

Sean Mac Aodha
Gayle Carlile
Kristin Carlson (21-22)
Janet Hopson Dommer
Bill Hart
Christine and Greg Hopwood
Rob Howe (21-22)
Roy and Linda Madsen
Susan Miyata
Susan Rife and Stephen Kreidler
John Weaver

Andante Level ($500 to $749)

Don and Chris Bevilacqua
Stephen and Marie Blankley
Barbara Bottini
Rob Howe
Johnson Lumber Company
Joe Quintal (21-22)
Rev. Jose Rubio
Marian Yoder

Allegro Level ($750-$1499)

David and Nancy Bischoff (21-22)
Laurence and Sara Connell
Laurence and Sara Connell (21-22)
Bonnie Linnell
Joe Quintal
Jenny and Bob Redfern
Carl and Gerrie Reinhardt (21-22)

Forte Level ($1,500-$2499)

David and Nancy Bischoff
Jenny Redfern (21-22)

Crescendo Level ($2,500-$3499)
Lynn Lockhart

Corporate Sponsors/Grantors
Guglielmo Winery
Rotary Club of Morgan Hill
Texas Instruments

Special Thanks to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation for their Sustaining
Grant of $20,000.

Endowment Fund
Bill Flodberg

John Blaettler Accountancy, Gilroy
BookSmart, Morgan Hill
Guglielmo Winery, Morgan Hill
Mama Mia Italian Restaurant, Morgan Hill & Gilroy

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South Valley Symphony wishes to acknowledge and thank the Morgan Hill Rotary club on their generous gift of a grant to help replace some of our aging equipment. Many students will benefit as well by using our equipment in their music programs. Thank you Morgan Hill Rotary.