About Bill Flodberg

About Bill Flodberg (1933 – 2009)

Bill Flodberg was a tireless supporter of South Valley Symphony. Before Bill died in 2009, he set up an Endowment Fund for the Symphony. Our October 2009 Concert was dedicated to him, not only for the Endowment but for all his fundraising and innovation for the Symphony.

From childhood Bill was always involved in a multitude of interests, but his two passions were music and running. As a kid he ran around the neighborhood visiting neighbors ad checking on them. He ran to school each day and was on the track team during high school. He took piano lessons and loved the melodies and rhythms he heard. He really enjoyed learning about the lives of composers and checked out their biographies from the library. As an adult he had books that described the score and high points of particular pieces of music. From it inception, Bill was an active South Valley Symphony board member.

There might not seem to be a relationship between music and running, yet there are similarities. Both take skill acquired by experience, observation and study. Both required practice, dedication, perseverance and the ability to execute well what one has learned. The art of music includes a personal, unanalyzable power over the choice of notes that make a selection enjoyable; with running, that same power allows the runner to learn how to pace and when to break away from the pack. Both music and running can provide life-long enjoyment.